Contact Lenses in Albuquerque

Contact lenses are a great alternative for people looking for a way to improve their sight while enjoying the benefits of improved peripheral vision, and a more comfortable alternative to eyeglasses. While both eyeglasses and contact lenses are suitable for people who require corrective lenses for visual acuity, many people prefer the look and feel of contact lenses to traditional eyewear. At Contact Lens Gallery & Designer Eyewear, you’ll find expert contact lens services preformed by our knowledgeable optometrist. If you’re in need of prescription contact lenses, we have the expertise to prescribe and get you fitted with the perfect pair.

Advantages of Wearing Contact Lenses

Contacts are thin lenses and lay directly over the surface of the eye, creating a balance between comfort and functionality. Contact lenses help to correct common vision problems like astigmatism, farsightedness and nearsightedness, as well as presbyopia. When you opt for contact lenses, you’ll experience a range of benefits like:

  • Better peripheral vision
  • Comfortable to wear in day-to-day life
  • Less restricted movement during athletic activities
  • Easy to style and wear for people who want to forego visible eyewear
  • Versatility and the ability to wear sunglasses or other protective eyewear with ease

The seamless nature of contact lenses allows for discreet, comfortable wear, and an easier way to enjoy physical activities without eyewear in the way. If you’re interested in learning more about contact lenses, our team of eye care professionals in Albuquerque can assist you in figuring out what works best for you and your lifestyle.

Are Contact Lenses Suitable for Everyone?

While contact lenses are a great option for many individuals with vision issues, they’re not suitable for everyone. The best way to determine if contacts are the right solutions for you is to discuss with our skilled optometrist. Our Albuquerque optometrist will perform a comprehensive eye examination, as well as talk with you about your health, lifestyle, and eyesight, and determine if contact lenses are the right fit. By performing a comprehensive eye exam, we can find the perfect solution for your eye care needs.

Why Contact Lens Gallery & Designer Eyewear is Your Choice for Contact Lens Solutions

Contact lenses are what we’re known for at Contact Lens Gallery & Designer Eyewear. When you schedule your appointment with us, you’ll find an experienced staff and dependable contact lens solutions. Whether you’re looking for a new pair of contact lenses or want to try them out for the first time, we have you covered.

Superior Contact Lens Evaluations

The first step to getting fitted for contact lenses is an eye examination conducted by our optometrist. A comprehensive eye exam allows us to fit you with the right prescription for lenses, as well as note any abnormalities during the exam. Our contact lens evaluation will also include a fitting of our soft, disposable, bifocal, gas permeable, and specialty contacts, so we can get a better idea of what you’re looking for. Once your exam is complete, we’ll discuss your needs and recommend contact lenses that fit your preferences.

Convenient Scheduling and Albuquerque Location

Not only will you experience superior service at Contact Lens Gallery & Designer Eyewear, you’ll also enjoy convenient scheduling services and location. Our Albuquerque office is located in Westside Albuquerque and is easily accessible. Our patients also enjoy easy-to-use scheduling services online or by phone. Getting contact lenses has never been easier than with Contact Lens Gallery & Designer Eyewear!

Discover the Possibilities of Contact Lenses with Contact Lens Gallery & Designer Eyewear

Contact lenses are a great option for people with active lifestyles, or those looking for a comfortable, aesthetically pleasing way to improve their vision. With countless options from top contact lens brands, a convenient location, and superior examination and services, Contact Lens Gallery & Designer Eyewear is your choice for contact lenses in the Albuquerque area. If you’re ready to try contact lenses or are needing a new prescription, schedule an appointment with our team of eye care specialists today. Discover the endless possibilities of contact lenses with Contact Lens Gallery & Designer Eyewear in Albuquerque!

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