Gunnar Computer Eyewear

Introducing GUNNAR optiks, Digital Performance Eyewear: Optics specifically designed to increase visual performance, prevent digital eye fatigue and protect against Computer Vision Syndrome.

Nearly 90% of those who use a computer at least 3 hours a day suffer vision problems associated with computer related eye strain. GUNNAR Optiks is a technology company that seeks to enhance the abilities of the human visual system through revolutionary innovations. GUNNAR is the first optical manufacturer to combine precision, technology and style into a line of digital performance eyewear. GUNNAR digital performance eyewear with i-AMP lens technology is specifically built to give even the most demanding computer user an immediate and noticeable visual advantage in the short term, and provide superior optical performance in the long term.

Designed using advanced computer algorithms, FRACTYL lens geometry mimics nature by focusing light. The highly wrapped configuration creates an ocular microclimate trapping in humidity and blocking out evaporative air currents.


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